is doing stuff at the intersection of
sales, biz dev, & code

my story

as an engineer

Making, googling, breaking

> Open Source

Tools used: C++, C, Qt, Git

Kdenlive, a video editor from KDE - Developer
Google Summer of Code, 2019 - Developer
[Work Report]
Google Summer of Code, 2020 - Mentor
[Work Report]

Projects developed


QmlRenderer is a Qt library that can render QML into frames at a custom frame rate.

MLT Module for rendering QML

MLT is a multimedia framework used by Kdenlive. I integrated QmlRenderer in MLT's codebase (written in C) to allow Kdenlive to render QML into video frames.

> SaaS

Tools used: ReactJS, Django, GraphQL


GitLit was my first SaaS. It was meant to be a platform for students to 1) find open source projects and kickstart their open source journey easily 2) build a work profile, a resume of sorts with commits, testimonials, from the projects they contribute to 3) get hired by startups.
GitLit did not make it beyond MVP due to a variety of reasons, the major one being a lack of a clear monetising strategy and funds. Learned a lot tho!


as a marketer, writer, designer

Writing, designing, building

> amFOSS

amFOSS is a student community in Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri and the reason everything I am now. I joined amFOSS as a student and with the help of the seniors and Vipin sir, kicked off my open source journey and with it everything else in 2018

Content Writer

In my first year at amFOSS, I was part of the Content Writing Team. I wrote all forms of content including long-form articles and social media posts to short-engaging content like tweets and copywriting. I continue doing it till date, now mostly focusing on copywriting, along with reviewing and managing the team's work.

Graphic Designer + Illustrator

From around second year at amFOSS, I started learning how to design posters and visual media for social media. I learnt how to create illustrations, using tools like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Canva, Premiere Pro. All of this turned out to be real handy skills that proved extremely useful when I started working on my SaaS projects.


Around the end of 2nd year, we started focusing on marketing as a different department. Along with my peers and juniors at amFOSS, we strategized ways to capture organic traffic and grow an audience for amFOSS social media accounts. As part of the the team, we spearheaded some campaigns like 'The amFOSS Monthly' .

And a lot of stuff

3 headings really can't sum up everything I learned and did as part of the club. Other things that I failed to mention include conducting conferences, hackathons, talks - inviting speakers, outreach efforts - mentoring juniors - setting up systems and pipelines for developer & marketing teams - working on real life projects, both technical and non-technical
I continue to mentor juniors and be an active member of the club


as a biz dev wiz

Qualifying leads, setting up meetings, talking code

> Daily

Daily - the easiest way to add real-time video and audio to your app.

Presales Engineer

Right now I'm a presales engineer at Daily. Daily provides APIs for developers to integrate video and audio APIs. Most of the work is handling inbound sales, outreach, setting up meetings, as well dealing with technical details and talking code.