The future of college education

14 August, 2020

COVID-19 has forced us to adopt new ways in a lot of areas of our daily lives - work, communication, education - every sphere of our lives has been changed and for some, the change is permanent.

How is college education going to be, in a post COVID world?

Recently, Google introduced “Google Career Certificates” - people with these certificates could get a job at Google even if they don’t have a four-year college degree. Google made this move in view of growing unemployment rates in the US, allowing anyone to take their online course which are either available for a nominal fee or are completely free, conducted by Google employees themselves. What does this mean?

It means that instead of spending serious money, time and effort on a college degree and going under a ton of debt - I can get employed in Google by completing their online course for a fraction of the cost and time.

Of course, the roles offered might be limited and this is only for U.S citizens for the time being, I think this is going to become a growing pattern in the future - where more and more companies will start rolling out their own education and training programs to completely and effectively replace the college-degree way of recruitment. Heck, they do that now, after a college degree, most of the companies have a “training period” where they “educate” them about how stuff works in the industry. Why take all that pain? Just roll out your own course online, let them learn what they need and then choose from the best.

Why should someone take a lifetime worth of debt? Why should someone spend years just to get entry into a ‘prestigious’ university?

College education is going to be redefined. It might take a decade or two but change is coming.

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