This Summer with Kdenlive

19 May, 2019

Hi! I'm Akhil K Gangadharan and I've been selected for GSoC this year with Kdenlive. My project is titled 'Revamping the Titler Tool' and my work for this summer aims to kickoff the complete revamp of one of the major tools used in video-editing in Kdenlive, called the Titler tool.

Titler Tool?

The Titler tool is used to create, you guessed it, title clips. Title clips are clips that contain text and images that can be composited over videos.

The Titler Tool

The Titler tool

Why revamp it?

In Kdenlive, the titler tool is implemented using QGraphicsView which is considered deprecated since the release of Qt5. This makes it obviously prone to bugs that may appear in the upstream to affect the functionality of the tool. This has caused issues in the past, popular features like the Typewriter effect had to be dropped because of QGraphicsView which lead to uncontrollable crashes.


Using QML.

Currently the Titler Tool uses QPainter, which paints every property and every animation is required to be programmed. QML allows creating powerful animations easily as QML as a language is designed for designing UI, which can be then rendered to create title clips as per our need.

Implementation details - a brief overview

For the summer, I intend to complete work on the backend implementation. The first step is to write and test a complete MLT producer module which can render QML frames. And then to begin test integration of this module with a new titler tool.

This is how the backend currently looks like -

current backend

After the revamp, the backend would look like -

new backend

After the backend is done with, we begin integrating it with Kdenlive and evolve the titler to use the new backend.

A great long challenge lies ahead, and I'm looking forward to this summer and beyond with the community to complete writing the tool - right from the backend to the new UI.

Finally, a big thanks to the Kdenlive community for getting me here and to my college student community, FOSS@Amrita for all the support and love!

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