Google Summer of Code 2020

13 August, 2020

This year, I participated in the Google Summer of Code as a mentor for KDE/Kdenlive.

Sashmita Raghav was selected this year to work on providing a basic subtitling support in Kdenlive.

This year was different - COVID-19, as well all know, shook the world. GSoC had its timeline shifted by a month or so. Sashmita was able to meet almost all of the goals for her project. You can view the final report here.

On a personal level, it was quite a journey to transition from a student last year to a mentor. Being able to provide insight and guide was quite an experience. Many thanks to my mentors at the Kdenlive team and the entire KDE Community for giving me this chance.


Sashmita's work was merged a couple of months later, and now you can use the subtitler tool to create and edit subtitles from Kdenlive 20.12!

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